"I was on my way to get to my dealer, Steer In Trailers in Three Forks, MT, to replace some exterior panels I had dented on my 27' Haulmark trailer. Upon arriving at the trailer dealer, I couldnít help but drool over the line of Mission Trailers they had on their lot. Low and behold I went for parts and ended up coming back with a new 29' Mission screwless black enclosed snowmobile trailer and left that old Haulmark for the wolves. I am extremely impressed with the spotless finish of these trailers. Excellent job. I am very proud to pull this sweet trailer. Thank you!"

~ Alex Waddell, Clancy, MT

"My 1983 trailer finally turned into a rust bucket, so I decided to start looking for a new enclosed trailer. I liked the fact Mission Trailers were made in New England. In addition the model I bought was all aluminum, so light and easy to maneuver around, yet very sturdy. Last October on an ATV trip in Dixville Notch, NH, we ended up taking a turn on an unimproved road that was meant for ATVs. I had two 500 ATVs in the trailer, a cooler and other miscellaneous tools. We were maneuvering around gullies and berms and the trailer handled great on all different terrain. I thought for sure we would bust an axle. I like the trailer door in the front for quick access to gear on the road and the light inside after a long day of riding until dusk. Great trailer! I'm also glad to finally have a cover on the trailer to protect my machines from the elements when I'm not using them. And I can finally park my truck in the garage. Ha! Can't wait for my snowmobile trip in February!"

~ Keith Dearden, Riverton, CT

"I can purchase a snowmobile in a day, but it took 6 months to purchase an enclosed snowmobile trailer. I studied, put together a spreadsheet comparing brands and options and got quotes on several different brands. In the end I went with a Mission MES7x18 3-place enclosed snowmobile trailer and went a little crazy with adding all the options. I enjoy the quality of Mission trailers and was really impressed with my dealer Roger and his crew at Grand Auto. I have since purchased a Mission single place open snowmobile trailer as well. Keep up the good work!"

~ Doug Courtney, Grand Forks, ND

"Iíve only had my Mission ATV trailer for a few days but I am pleased so far. It is easy to load and simple to park."

~ Dave Lane, Mt. Pearl, NL

"My new used 2009 Mission Utility Trailer is lightweight and easy to tow with my small Honda CRV. Thereís no rust with aluminum in New England, which is great. It tows extremely well with the torsion suspension. I would definitely recommend to family and friends!"

~ William Maroney, Methuan, MA

"I purchased my Mission Aluminum Trailer to replace another trailer that I found to be too heavy to tow in certain instances. When I got my Mission, I loved it. The trailer is very light. One night when I was coming home after a day of snowmobiling, there was a bad snowstorm and I did not even feel like that I had a loaded trailer in back. The highway was bad and I had no problems."

~ Joe Gerber, Ile Bizard, QC

"The Mission Gooseneck took a bit to design but it was well worth the wait. It pulls like a dream and it fits in everything that I built it for. My dealership, Backus Racing, has sold a few more Mission aluminum trailers because of it. The inside is very fancy so now its like a real life store for my customers to see what they want in their own trailer. Thanks again, Mission Trailers!"

~ Tyler Backus, Backus Racing, Mara, BC

"All of my other trailers have been steel with aluminum sides. The salt from the roads in my area eats them up. After three years, the trailers start rotting through. The dealer was telling me about the Mission all aluminum trailers he sells. He has had one of his own for 10 years, and it still looks 100%."

~ Dale Virkler, Lowville, NY

"Naples Fire & Rescue recently replaced our Engine-4 Chevy one ton chassis with a Ford 550. Rather than sell the Chevy, we wanted to keep it to utilize as a utility vehicle. Needing a bed, we went to an ALCOM dealer, Messer Truck Equipment, and selected this aluminum bed. The cash and carry price was affordable and it included all the lights to make our install simple. This truck bed should last us a long time in the harsh conditions we put a truck through. We are happy and proud to support a Maine company like ALCOM and Mission Trailers!"

~ Rick Paraschak, Naples, ME

"I own a classic car restoration shop and already own an open car trailer, so I really did not need a new one. I drive by Truck and Trailer World a few times a week and I have purchased 2 brand new enclosed trailers from there in the past few years; a 14-foot enclosed trailer in 2006 and a 12-foot enclosed trailer in 2008. While driving by, the Mission all aluminum 18 foot open car trailer caught my attention. Like I said, I really did not need a new car trailer, but I thought the new aluminum trailer would look nice behind my Ford Super Duty truck and my customersí classic cars would look nice on that new trailer. After talking to Nevin from Truck and Trailer World, I made up my mind to buy it. This is the 3rd new trailer I have bought from Nevin since 2006!"

~ David Croteau, Uxbridge, MA

"We love our 2010 MU54x8DL to haul our John Deere Gator CX with ease. When we need to move it around, it is very easy to push by hand. My wife, Adrienne, can also push it around. In one picture, we have 60 bags of soil loaded and it hauled with grace and ease.Your trailers are very well built. If I had to replace mine, I would buy another. I have seen that you build a boat trailer it looks awesome. I am thinking about buying one, as Adrienne has a paddle boat and I have a 12 foot Jon Boat."

~ Albert & Adrienne H., Dartmouth, NS

"I purchased my MOCH8x18 in 2008 and use it for my race car, ATVs, motorcycles and antique tractors. I keep logs of my trips and have received many comments on how well built my Mission car hauler is."

~ Ron B, Danbury, CT